Toy Truck Planter

Despite my better intentions, I did not plant a winter vegetable garden.  Time got away from me, the holidays happened, and before you know it I  had a weed patch from which I must now dig myself out.  In the meantime, I miss being productive in a garden-y way.  Reading the blogs of other gardeners helps, as do little projects meant to improve the aesthetic value of my home or to make the future of my garden easier.

This project started with a photo that was published on a gardening blog or Tumblr site, whatever it is. This was reposted by several bloggers and I just had to try it for myself.

Perfect toy truck for a planter, don’t you think?

Materials –

Toy truck – this needs to be big enough to fit several small succulents.  Mine measures about 15″ in length. You can find similar trucks at yard sales, Goodwill, or on Etsy or Ebay

Screen door mesh – any small gauge wire mesh will work, but screen door mesh is soft, flexible, and easy to cut with regular scissors

Cactus or succulent soil

Small succulents in a variety of types and colors


Small succulents can be purchased cheaply at Home Depot and other similar stores, or your favorite local nursery

Instructions –

Do yourself a HUGE favor and remove the windshield and front windows of the truck FIRST.  I forgot to do this and had to start all over when I realized that the succulents were not going to fit into the cab with the windows in place.

Cut screen to fit inside the bed of the truck, leaving enough to fold into the corners and reach all the way to the top of the sides. This will hold the plants and soil in place, especially when you water. This doesn’t have to be gorgeous, just functional – no need to stress over creating a perfect fit.

Screen door mesh bed liner

Once the bed liner is in place, add a layer of soil and begin arranging succulents until the truck looks good to you.  Add succulents to the cab as well.  Push in extra soil until the plants are firmly in place. Voila!  A perfect little planter to tuck into some garden corner that is in need of a little whimsy.

Ready to find a perfect home in the garden

The great thing about this little planter is that it is easy to move around. I have an idea for a backyard bookshelf where this will find a home.  Until then, it is moving around the yard a bit.  Pretty sure I need a fleet of these, no?

Until it finds a perfect home this will do nicely!


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