What to do with kale

My family recently joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, which means each week we go to the farmer’s market to pick up our basket of produce from local farms to which we have purchased a subscription.  In the case of our particular CSA, rather than subscribing to one single farm, we signed up through the market itself, and get produce from all the vendors who sell there.

What we receive for our $15 a week varies. Most weeks we get a basket with 6 eggs, some sort of greens, fruit, herbs, and often edible flowers. No two weeks are alike, and we find ourselves eating a variety of things we have never tried.  Too. Much. Fun.

A week or so ago we received a huge bunch of kale. My brother asked if that wasn’t the stuff that is only good for use on buffet lines – UNDER the bowls to make things look good.  NOPE! Kale is an excellent food, makes wonderfully nourishing soup, and as we found out, is the base for a really gorgeous and flavorful salad.

I started with a recipe from Aartie Party, called Massaged Kale Salad. However, since some of the ingredients are not popular with my family, and since I wanted a bit more crunch and color in the dish, I made some modifications.

Instead of regular pepitas, I added some chili pepitas I bought at the farmer’s market. I used some small yellow, red, and orange peppers – much like bell peppers in flavor, but small and long in shape rather than bell-shaped.

Since one of my sisters is not a big fan of mango, I added sliced apples in its place. And for more crunch I added a seeded, sliced cucumber.  WOW!  It turned out great, and made some kale converts in the process.

A deliciously crunchy way to use kale

Try something new.  It might become a family favorite!


2 thoughts on “What to do with kale

    • Thanks Lisa! I hope to grow some myself next time around. I swear, I need to move – not enough space to grow everything I want and I am running out of room to add grow bags! 🙂

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