Cucumber Sandwiches

Hands down, my favorite vegetable growing in our garden right now is cucumbers. I have always loved the cool, crisp freshness of a cucumber – but now – holy cow!  The taste of a homegrown cuke right off the vine is astonishing. They are easy to grow as well, meaning there is  a high yield with minimal work.  How could you not love this plant?

But once you have some good sized cucumbers harvested, what do you do with them?  Slice for salad, of course. Make a fancy cucumber soup maybe? Or use them for the simplest, most scrumptious sandwich ever to grace a tea table.  Traditional British cucumber sandwiches consist of thinly sliced cucumber on crust-less buttered bread. While that is certainly yummy, around the Laughing Place we like a slightly different set of ingredients.

Cucumber Sandwiches:

Slice cucumber thinly

Spread sandwich thins with softened cream cheese

Place cucumber slices on top, salt and pepper to taste

Simple and delicious

I serve these open faced, and since sandwich thins don’t really have a crust I leave the bread alone. They are refreshing and light, and perfect with a glass of lemonade after working in the garden!


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