Crazy for Chickens

The chickens are coming!  The chickens are coming! From the moment my daughter and I painted the Laughing Place sign, I have considered my garden to be a little farm in the city. Hard though, to call any spot a farm when there is no livestock. Somehow I don’t think the dogs really count – we aren’t planning to eat them, or anything they produce!

So, I have felt like a bit of a fraud since starting this venture.  Sure, I can raise zucchini the size of a small boat, but a farm needs food-producing animals.  Or animals that produce wool, or something of the sort.

There is also the zombie apocalypse to consider. Think about it.  If the world collapses, the survivors will need basic elements to sustain life – food, water, shelter.  Just about anyone can produce some vegetables if they have the mind, but it is the individual able to provide protein who can command the best price.  Eggs = power in post zombie virus land! That is, if zombies don’t eat chickens.  The jury seems to be out on whether zombies simply stick to humans or occasionally go on the prowl for smaller brainz.  I would like to think that the chicken brain would seem insignificant enough for a zombie to ignore – but there is no way of knowing until the undead flesh begins to stir.

Seriously though, books such as Carol Deppe’s The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times suggest that raising vegetables alone may not be enough in hard times. In any event, it pays to be prepared.

So, the chickens are coming! This time tomorrow, we should have 6 hens in the newly purchased coop. And a new adventure will have begun…

If they don’t like our yard, perhaps the chickens will take their coop on the road.


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