Having a garden has given me many things. A place of peace where I can go to work through stress.  A better looking landscape. Stronger ties to the Earth and to my daughter through shared work. An appreciation of the origination of our food supply.

My garden has also given me the sheer, audacious gift of abundance. My zucchini are both numerous and large enough to become building materials (slight, slight exaggeration – but you should see my zucchini cabin, grin). I could make tomato soup for an army.  And I can give away food. This last item fills me with joy.

I was raised in a family of 5 children, with a live-in Grand-mere, there were always friends or my father’s students with us at meals. We never cooked for less than 8 and often for 15 or more people. I still have a problem making a meal that just feeds my family of three.  Leftovers are a fact of life – I simply don’t know how to do small.

The act of giving was part of our table and way of life. To be able now to reach into my garden and pick fruits and vegetables that I can share with others is a gift in its own right. An amazing place, the garden.

Saturday harvest of Lemon Boy tomatoes - ready for giving


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