Zucchini Time

Apparently zucchini are the easiest vegetables to grow ever, so I guess I should knock my pride-o-meter down a notch.  Still, it feels really great to go up to the garden and pick things that make a dinner everyone raves about.  I had something to do with growing that!  It’s take and bake, and I helped!  Grin.

Most people know, when you get seriously big zucchini you stuff them.  I pretty much planted my squash for that very purpose and have been waiting for some to get big enough to really make a feast. Wow!  I had my eye on two beauties, and totally over looked the other three growing in less conspicuous places.  Let’s just say, we had a nice harvest on Saturday.

Summer brings on some bounty from the garden.

For a bit of perspective, here is a photo of the 7 year old with two of the zucchini we harvested. Sharing with my daughter the wonder of growing food was a strong reason for starting the Laughing Place.  Each time we climb those stairs we find something new and wonderful!

The kiddo was pretty impressed with these!

Check out the food section of the blog to see what we did with the beautiful vegetables we harvested.


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