What’s with all the blue plastic?

Upper level of the garden

I have been taking photos of the garden almost from the first shovel of dirt to create the terraces, and they all have one thing in common, blue plastic.  Why?, you might ask. Are we growing secret crops undercover, for profit or fun?
Nope. Remember the itinerant fellows we initially  hired to create the terraces on our hill?  They got really enthusiastic, and one afternoon I came home to find they had created one too many levels – leaving the concrete footings to a fence at the top of the hill exposed and ready to cause a mini landslide.
Our next door neighbors looked over the fence and ran to get us some tarps. A storm was rolling in and we could all envision the mud and chain link rushing down the hill toward our house. Then things went pear shaped with the workers and I fired them. But that fence was still hanging by a thread at the top of the hill.  What to do?
In came a former neighbor, and handyman, who constructed a complete fence, made us a new gate, and took out the chain link fence. We didn’t have enough money left to put in a retaining wall at the top, so he simply stapled the tarps to the fence to hold up that top level. Functionally, it is  just fine.  Aesthetically, well, it’s an eye sore.
We will take that plastic down and put up a final level – next year.  I went through all this trauma in order to have a vegetable garden, and dang it! that is what I have. Until the season is over, and the plants have gone to compost, we will leave things as they are.  Blue plastic and all.

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